Wednesday, July 30, 2014

It was six years ago when I was living in Chicago...My teacher asked me to write a story...highlight of the I picked the one :)

Running marathon is such an impossible race to do it. Running marathon in my country, in Slovakia, is not a popular thing at all. Small country means small amount of crazy runners!

After one year of being in the US my girlfriend kept telling me about running marathon together. I agreed but I knew I will not do it-such a crazy thing-even though I was in the best physical shape of my life; running marathon was a big challenge that I would not make it…never…ever…

After two years of being in the US I met one guy who told me that he is going to run Chicago marathon. At that time my life was kind of stuck in every way. Thought of running marathon lied in my mind…and kept lying…and stayed there for couple of weeks. My bad habit of thinking too much leaded to missing my registration to this big event. My smart side knew that there must be some way how to get to this race. I found a charity organization through I would raise some amount of money and after that they would support me on marathon.

It was going to cost a lot of money but I couldn’t stop thinking about marathon. I signed up. There I am…no way back!

I got pretty excited because I found motivation for running and working out…I didn’t want to hire personal trainer for training for marathon; I am personal trainer myself I should prepare myself for this race and see how it goes.

I love running. I am probably not very big runner but I love running. Many people run every day but I can’t run every day. If I run every day I wouldn’t enjoy my run. I want to enjoy my run every time I run. However, my training just had to be changed. I didn’t increase my days of running, I just added some speedwork, hills running and long distance runs. Other days I was doing cross training and a lot of intervals. I also did my strength training for getting stronger all body.

I hated speedwork. I really didn’t like it…at the beginning…I have been always so bad in speedwork running. Well, now is the time to work on it. Speedwork makes you so strong; improve your running itself, your pace. I couldn’t believe that after three months of training I really improved my running. I learnt that I can’t run slowly if I know that my legs are strong to run faster. Fast running is challenge and of course makes you stronger.

Long distances running were tough but I liked them. I liked being “high” when I finished my first 16 miler, 18 miles and 20 milers. My first 20 miler I ran on treadmill at the gym and I am telling you….never ever again…It was so boring (outside was pouring rain so badly that I couldn’t spend three hours by running there).

I went through so many thoughts during my runs. I imagined running marathon in my mind and telling myself how strong I am and why and for whom I am doing it. I really did run for me, for my family, for my sister and for my grandpa…these were my first thoughts….I ran for my life that has turned out to be so stuck…I ran…..

Day of marathon…that’s it…there I am…staying next to pacer who’s stick showed 4:30 time…time I wanted to finish my race…but I really hoped I could do it better than 4:30…I was nervous…I started to be nervous a week before marathon…Thank you to my family and friends who were very supportive…

I was nervous…my goal was to finish it in good time! I am tough girl I need to do it. I did train for it and I did train hard.

We started…all crowd…all about 31 000 runners! I took my usual pace and I felt ok…just some belly cramps first 8 miles because I was loading myself with such a junk food last days (my only mistake I did in my marathon training). Spectators were awesome, about one million of them along all race…awesome support! I focused on my running. I let my running buddy run his pace. Now it was me and my “usual” long distance run. Mile by mile…passing slow and very quickly as well…crowd still around me…kind of annoying especially at aids stations. I felt good and strong. Keeping and moving. Mile 20 showed up…mile 20 means for many runners “hitting wall”…not for me…I passed my running buddy who tried to keep up with me but not for a long time…I picked chocolate power gel along the race and it gave me a lots energy ; many runners slowed down and many started to walk…I thought that I was passing all of them so fast…and as I was running down hill I was screaming from all my heart: “this run is for my sister, for my grandpa, for my family and for everyone I love…and for my stuck life”….I had 6 miles left….I was talking to myself as I usually do even when I don’t run…I felt strong I knew that whatever pain comes this time it is just mental thing and nothing real…I am strong, my legs are strong and I just have to keep running! Mile by mile…slowly and quickly…last mile…the longest one…I picked my pace I knew I will make it…I was so focused and I was so serious…last 0.2 mile…little hill…I was sprinting…I was so good, so strong…

I passed finish line…

I thought I should cry but I didn’t…I didn’t feel anything…I finished marathon, I really did it!... and I didn’t feel anything and also I didn’t cry!!! I thought I should be more emotional but I was just proud of myself, I was proud of myself so much…all effort I put into training was so rewarding….I am tough and I am one of you all marathoners…

I finished marathon in 4:24…not bad not good…I enjoyed it so much!